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FLUTe has developed many different flexible liners
for high resolution subsurface characterization

Mapping ground water contamination Characterization of flow paths intersecting boreholes
Locating NAPL sources Measurement of hydraulic head distributions Augmentation of horizontal drilling
Hydrologic assessments of municipal water supplies and mine sites Access through tortuous passages under landfills Quickly and completely sealing boreholes against cross contamination,
and more...

A guide to FLUTe products for:
Sealing boreholes
•••••• FLUTe Blank liners
•••••• Liner mechanics

Multi-level water sampling and head measurements

•••••• Water FLUTe
•••••• Shallow Water FLUTe ••••••

Transmissivity profiling

•••••• FLUTe Transmissivity Profiling

Locate NAPL in the formation
•••••• NAPL FLUTe

Map the dissolved contaminants
••••••The FACT

Vadose pore gas and pore liquid sampling
••••••Vadose FLUTe

Installations in horizontal, angled or crooked holes
•••••• Unique Applications

Other unique applications:
•••••Augmentation of horizontal drilling
•••••Development of boreholes
•••••Head profile in formation
•••••Landfill monitoring
•••••Horizontal packer testing and leak detection
•••••Towing of logging tools
•••••Cure-in-place pipe liners in walls
•••••Karst installations
•••••Grouting of casing in karst
•••••Artesian well installations
•••••Traversing lakes and ponds

FLUTe methods for underground measurements of many kinds
have gained acceptance as superior or complementary,
to traditional methods

FLUTe everting liners can:

• Provide a continuous seal of a borehole or pipe, and prevent migration of formation fluids through the open hole. No sealing grouts or bentonite seals are needed.

• Carry many useful devices such as tubing, instruments, absorbers, reactive covers, etc.. into place in the borehole while maintaining a continuous seal of the borehole.

• Map borehole transmissivity while displacing the borehole water.

• Support the borehole wall against collapse.

• Propagate through tortuous passages of varying diameters inaccessible to rigid piping or push rods.

• Tow geophysical sondes of many kinds along the interior of the borehole while supporting the borehole against collapse onto the sonde.

Be removed by inversion without the liner touching any other portion of the borehole wall.

Be fabricated in many different diameters and materials for many applications.